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Tips For The Amateur Photograher

Tips for the amateur photographer, I believe are both welcomed and needed especially if you just starting out. It is not uncommon for an amateur photographer to be asked to perform miracles with his camera.  An amateur model may ask the photographer  to make her look better than she is in real life.  Many techniques can be applied in picture taking and post production that will allow a subject to look better than normal.   How is all this accomplished without altering the person’s looks? I am going to give you a some tips to accomplish that.

  • Use a high quality lens that will not alter the subject’s looks.  The 50mm and 80mm lens are perfect lens for this.  A high quality zoom lens will also suffice.
  • Put the subject in a 3/4 pose and take the picture from a low angle.  About 90% of people will look taller and thinner when the picture is taken from a low angle. The other 10% will do the opposite: will look taller an thinner from above.  It takes trial and error to determine how the subject will look when shot from various angles.
  • Use a reliable, quality lighting.  Having  adequate light is the most important of all the tips.  If the day is overcast, use diffuse or reflected natural light.  If you are using a flash as your source, bounce it off the ceiling, a reflector or a wall.  If you are in the studio, use a large softbox or octabox.  The larger the light source the better because it will help to remove shadows that accentuate blemishes, and wrinkles.

Amateur Photography Tips

  • Ask the subject to wear dark colored clothing.  This probably registers high in the hierarchy of tips. Black clothes tend to make the heavier person look  thinner.  The heavier subject should not wear skin tight clothing.  You can advise the subject on the type pf clothing to wear to compliment their body type.
  • Have a professional apply the makeup.  Pay attention to this tip because a number of people cannot apply makeup well. If the subject cannot afford to pay the professional, you can suggest that they get someone at the beginning of their career of Craigslist or anywhere they can find someone who is good and inexpensive.
  • Shoot the subject in a pose that will make them look good.  If the subject is uncomfortable in a particular pose and do not want to be photographed that way, change the pose.  Communicate with your subject and try to get inside their heads to determine how they really want the picture taken.  Remember, it not what you think but it is what the subject thinks and wants.  The subject will reject the pictures if they are not satisfied. Use these tips for a successful shoot.

The tips I have shared with you will help you with your shooting.  These tips will be useless if you do not use them.  Remember to really get to know your subject and use your judgement when to apply the tips.  Look at the way professional photographers shoot. Learn and garner tips from them.


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The Shot

The shot may may like a strange heading for an article but this is something that all professional photographers understand. I was introduced to the concept of the shot some years ago and it intrigued me. It was fifteen years ago, and I was preparing to get married.  We hired a professional photographer to take  the wedding pictures and prepare the photo album.  While I was talking to the photographer, he gave me a glimpse into the world of photography and particularly into the mind of the professional photographer.

He told that he always looked for and photograph moments in peoples lives that will possibly never occur again.  He looked for the shot in a certain facial expression, a subtle smile, a certain way one tilts the head or a sudden change in mood.  These situations tell a story and the photographer was looking for the ‘shot’ that tells the story.  He was looking for theshot.

How To Take Professional photographs

The ‘shot‘ is something that  all professional photographers look for  but it can be as elusive as it is rare.  It can occur in a moment and you must be ready to shoot it.  The ‘shot’ is not achieved by positioning your subject in s certain pose although posing the subject can increase the possibility of getting the “shot’.  The ‘shot’ merely presents itself and you must shoot it right there and then or lose it.  The ‘shot’ does not stick around until you are ready to shoot it.  You must shoot when the ‘shot’ presents itself or possibly lose it forever.  The photographer therefore must be always vigilant and watchful.

Every subject being photographed is different.  But, there are things that you can do to ensure that you get the shot.  Build a rapport with you subject, assuming that your subject is a person.  Let the subject feel that you are on their side.  Help them to feel comfortable in your presence.  The more the subject relaxes, the greater the possibility that the ‘shot’ will present itself.  A photographer who consistently gets the ‘shot’ will not only photograph their subject’s body but their soul as well.  It is the ‘shot’ not equipment that separates the good photographers from the truly great ones.  If you are a beginner or amateur photographer, always try to get the shot every time.


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How To Choose The Best Digital Camera

How to chose the best digital camera can be a daunting task.  There are a multitude of digital cameras on the market, all made by reputable manufacturers.  So the question remains, ‘how do you chose the right one?  You  need to ask yourself three questions before you embark on your camera quest.

How are you going to use your digital camera?

The way you intend to use your camera should be one of the questions you ask yourself, while trying to decide on the best camera  for you. If your goal is to take pictures of friends, family or special events, then a simple point and shoot digital camera maybe appropriate. However, if you intend to take pictures that requires more control of aperture, iso and shutter speed, then a digital SLR maybe the camera for you.  Portrait Photography, Wildlife Photography, and photographing sporting events are situations that demand more sophisticated camera equipment. You will need this equipment if your goal is to take stunning photographs like National Geographic.  Or maybe your goal is to take pictures that bring immense personal satisfaction.  You still need the proper digital camera to take those kinds of photos.

Tips For Choosing a DSLR Camera

Who is going to use your digital camera?

This may seem like a strange question, however allow me to explain.  If you are the sole user of your digital camera, then this section does not apply to you.  However, if the entire family will be using the camera then it may be astute to chose a camera that can take some abuse.  You do not want a $1000.00 camera in the hands of a six year old unless that six year old is a photography enthusiast, like you.  If you have a family that likes to take pictures at special events or family gatherings, it may be prudent to have a less expensive point and shoot digital camera hat they can use while you operate the more expensive camera yourself. You need to protect your digital camera and only allow family and friends to use it if you are sure that they will take care of it.  photographic equipment can be very expensive, so protect your camera.  It is an investment.

Will the digital camera suffice for a long time?

Ask yourself this question before you purchase any digital camera, ‘will this camera grow with me?’  The camera you chose should satisfy your needs and hopefully last for years.  The camera you purchase should satisfy your photography needs and not leave you desiring and graving for a more advanced digital camera.  You need to decide up front if the camera you intend to purchase will be suitable for you three, five or seven years down the road.  If you are a photography enthusiast on a budget, it maybe better to purchase a used digital SLR camera than a cheaper point and shoot digital camera.   Purchasing a good digital camera that does not meet your needs  will not make you happy in the long run.  It is better to be patient and buy the digital camera that you need and want in order to take the pictures you desire to take. Buy the best digital camera you need take those wonderful photographs you desire.

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